Friday, November 16, 2007

Gun Control vs. Sleep

I'm generally a pretty conservative guy in terms of wanting the government to stay out of my life. The ACLU usually has it right in my book. I don't want the government supporting religion or suppressing free speech or otherwise taking upon itself to tell us what to do.

On the other hand, I don't think that semi-automatic assault rifles and armor piercing ammo should be available. I know this is a bit of a conflict, but so be it. Hunting rifles are fine. Target shooting is fine. AK-47's and glocks are dangerous.

Why does this come up? I like to sleep. Actually, one of my favorite pastimes before kids was to wake up at 8:00 on a weekend, then roll over and head back to sleep. Just because I could. Then kids came along and they have been our alarm clocks for the past 6.5 years. Until now. What wakes me up every morning just a little after 6:00? A woodpecker pecking on the lovely wood siding right behind our bedroom. I appreciate that he wants food and shelter, but that's what we have zillions of trees for. This isn't an area that has been clear-cut. We have scads of trees, but this woodpecker wants my house instead. I am ready to buy a shotgun and start looking up woodpecker recipes. Woodpecker and dumplings? Woodpecker pot pie? I'm ready to give them a try.

Anyway, the NRA is still pretty evil, but I want one of those evil folks to come by my house one morning and help me do some selective reduction of the woodpecker population. I'll even invite the sharpshooter over for some dumplings or pot pie.

The Day
  • Workout: 3 x (dumbells(curls, shoulders, chest) + 100 crunches + 12 dips)
  • Music: WFMU, Cloud Cult, Dee-Lite, Led Zeppelin
  • Photos: Day 5 of the renovation

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