Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Keeping in Sync With Google Calendar

On the reno front: It's mostly about getting the drywall to look pretty. Lots of mud being slung around. The painter looked at the room today and the granite guy came and made his measurements. This evening, The Wife went out and used our Home Depot gift card (a rebate from buying the fridge and microwave/convection/hood) to buy our pulls and a new kitchen faucet. We are still looking good for being done around the end of next week.

Google Calendar: The Wife and I each have our own gmail accounts. We use those accounts to manage our calendars as well. It's cool. TW manages calendars for herself and each of the kids. I manage my own, but we each share with the other so both us of can see all four calendars color-coded in Google Calendar and iGoogle (the personalized Google front page.) My events are black, TW's are orange, Jack's are blue, and Maggie's are pink. The system sends me an email once a day with my agenda (which I can view on my Blackberry.) Anyway, Google provides some nice tools for sharing information. Keeping in sync is key.

The Day
  • Workout: medium run
  • Music: Bob Marley

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Anonymous said...

Google calendar rocks! My hubby and I use it all the time. btw, good taste in music too...nothing beats Bob Marley :)