Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stinky's Reaction to My Rambling Blog

(2:09:47 PM) stinky: you created your own blog??
(2:09:51 PM) me: i did
(2:09:53 PM) stinky: what's the matter with you?
(2:09:57 PM) stinky: you don't have enough to do??
(2:10:01 PM) stinky: you need some chores??
(2:10:18 PM) stinky: come over sat morning. i've a few things for ya to do since you've got so much free time on your hands
(2:10:32 PM) me: doesn't take any time, really
(2:10:37 PM) stinky: dude
(2:10:40 PM) stinky: it's just one more thing
(2:10:54 PM) me: actually can save time. "how is the reno going" me: "check the blog"
(2:10:57 PM) stinky: i'm trying to take things off the list, some as simple as a phone call or putting the seat down


Scott said...

who in this world would have any sort of nickname of Stinky? I think you have fabricated this to gloat about your creating yoru nifty little blog.
Get a hobby.

reston kid said...

yeah. i made up the name to protect the guilty. it's a ridiculous name, but there you go.