Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Instant Musical Gratification

My nostalgia for my college music days led me to try something new.

The woman who runs my department at work sent all of us Amazon gift certificates for the holidays. Figuring out what I should get took some thought. Though I found Neti-Pot salt that I could afford, I decided instead to buy a couple albums (Led Zeppelin's Houses of the Holy and The Violent Femmes' Hallowed Ground.) What makes these purchases different is that I bought them from Amazon as MP3 downloads. I can do what I want with them (which makes these better than iTunes.) Once downloaded (which was quick), they were in my iTunes library and I was able to burn a CD of each album so I could import them into my home computer's iTunes (and thus have it on my iPod) and listen to them in my car.

No shipping. No delay. Instant gratification. It was most excellent. The only place I listen to CDs is in my car, so this solution works for me. It was easy and quick.

is really tremendous. It is one of the great rock albums of all time. D'yer Mak'er is one of my favorites (just ignore the cheesy montage.)

On the other hand, Hallowed Ground is an under appreciated sophomore effort. It is at turns dark or spiritual or both, but a really fun album. The bass parts are incredible. The lyrics are great. If all the Femmes you know is Add It Up or Blister in the Sun, then give this album a try sometime.

The Day

  • Workout: short hill run
  • Music: none (all-day meeting at work)

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