Friday, January 4, 2008

Say No to Drugs and Yes to Saline

When the sickness moved on to a very painful sore throat and nightly coughing fits that have kept me out of my own bed for a couple days, I finally dug out the antibiotic prescription the doctor gave me last week. The Wife took it to the pharmacy, then delivered the pills to me at the office (so nice), so I am on my way to medicated wellness.

I also gave the Neti Pot a try and I must say that I am a fan. It took a while for it to work as designed, but it finally did and it is cool. The Wife and kids now refer to me as a circus performer since I use the Neti Pot to pour salt water into one nostril, and then watch it pour out of the other nostril (really! check out this great video). It's an odd sensation, but it's really cleansing and helps me breath. BTW: Be sure to get the right type of salt. Don't use normal table salt.

Only someone with serious allergies or sinus problems (like this guy) can empathize with the feeling, but anything that gives me relief from my sinus congestion and pressure is a godsend. Nasal sprays like Afrin can dry you out like a sponge, but can also be psychologically and physically addictive. When you live your life congested, being able to breath through your nose is a rare pleasure, but drugs are not the right pathway to happiness. Saline is the answer.

The Day
  • Workout: crunches and push-ups
  • Music: Van Morrison

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