Friday, February 15, 2008

A Long Hiatus Is Ending

I have been sick for the past week, so took the week off from writing. Now that I am starting to feel a bit better, I'll get back to writing. I thought about pre-dating a week's worth of entries, but probably won't. The record may as well show that I was too much of a pansy to post for a week.

So, a quick week in review:
  • Had to work last weekend to hit a deadline this past Monday
  • The Girl has been battling a cold for a week or so
  • Woke up Monday feeling like crap (as did The Wife)
  • Stayed home Tuesday sick as a dog
  • Worked from home Wednesday
  • Made it to the office Thursday and Friday, but felt pretty crappy
  • A few late, late nights of work
  • No workouts all week
Anyway, more stuff will come once I am able to sort through a bunch of ideas and get it all out there.

The Day
  • Workout: none
  • Music: Kraftwerk

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Anonymous said...

That sucks! I hope you feel better soon.