Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Working in an Office: Snapple Stories

Today was a pretty boring day until someone came into the office and mentioned a couple stories from the early days of our company. These stories wouldn't be particularly interesting to anyone outside the company, but they really amuse those of us who were around and shared these experiences. Here is a snippet from an email that is the beginning of one of these stories:
At today's cook-out, I had put 2 snapples in the ice cooler to keep cold. Someone accidentally took them not realizing that the snapples were not everyone but for me. I don't drink soda.

Please buy me two snapples as replacement for the ones you mistakenly took. I am for you cooperation and honesty. No questions will be asked if you replacement them. Thank you.
Anyway, this email (which was sent to the entire company by the man in charge of our IT) set off a chain of responses and satires that are now the stuff of legend. The so-called "Snapple" incident is one of the great jewels from our company's early days. We have all worked really hard for our company, but we also work for each other and shared experiences like this have helped to create bonds. Frankly, I often feel like I am in a high-tech sweat shop cranking out lessons. The pace is relentless. Brief moments of levity really help.

Telecommuting is great, but there would be no Snapple story if we all worked from home. Crazy, stupid stuff like this helps to make the crap of an office more bearable.

The Day
  • Workout: crunches and push-ups
  • Music: Curtis Mayfield, Led Zep, Kraftwerk, Crystal Method

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