Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Paying Respects

Here is a quick entry about my sister's funeral that was last Saturday.

The funeral was really moving. It was great seeing family and friends gathering to celebrate my sister's life. People came from far and wide to pay their respects on a rainy Saturday in Reston. My sister's friends from elementary school, college, grad school, business, and various neighborhoods were there as well as lots of family friends. Her friends are really a diverse and amazing bunch. They have been incredible through it all.

Some friends of mine including a few friends from work were able to make it. Their presence was really touching. These are people who have rarely if ever met the woman being celebrated, but their support for me was really great. One of these friends is Jewish, so his impressions of the Episcopalian service were pretty amusing. For instance, he liked "snack time" (communion) and thought the cannibalistic song was interesting. I don't recall what the hymn was, but it was certainly all about how eating Jesus' flesh and drinking his blood were good things.

She is now interred in a location that has a view of the football field on which she received her homecoming princess sash. I really like that from her grave there is a connection to her young, vibrant life.

Friends and coworkers are still offering condolences for the loss of my sister. The down side is that the pain doesn't really get far away. The up sides are that I get to hear other people's tales of perseverance and I get an excuse to talk about my sister.

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