Friday, April 25, 2008

Web Stuff Friday: Artists I Know

I work with several really fine artists. Here is a selection of some of their websites (in alpha order by artist's last name):

Dan Boris ( is a Visual Designer with whom I started working at MindQ about 11 years ago, but is now at K12. He used to be a world class speed skater who worked out with Dan Jansen and other Olympic skaters. He created the pimp icon I use for AIM.

Mishka Jaeger ( is a Visual Designer who has worked with me on math stuff for years. She does a lovely holiday card every year. Some day, she will illustrate a kid's book I write about a famous mathematician.

John Moffitt (Moffitt Studios) is an Information Architect who happens to be an artist. He used to live on Liberty Island, so the Statue of Liberty stuff is particularly cool.

Dan Perkins (gdbdp) is a Flash Developer with a great artistic eye. I really like his site.

Tim Saguinson (Rice Cooker Studios) in an Art Director who has done some neat stuff at K12, but also has a comic he draws on the side.

Jason Wolff (wolff illustration) is a Visual Designer and a car nut who always has fun cars. He has illustrated several children's books.

Chris Yates (cmykompany) is an uber-hip Print Designer who has done some really cool work on our textbooks.

Working with artists is really great and I have been lucky enough to work with some tremendous ones. There are others here at work for whom I could not find websites, but if I find more I will post them.

Video Nugget (inspired by today's soundtrack):

Soundtrack: The Beatles (Abbey Road), Various Artists (Pi Soundtrack)

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