Monday, May 5, 2008

Music Monday: Surf Guitar

If I had to spend the rest of my life in a single 4 square mile area, I'd pick the north shore of Oahu in a heartbeat. Whenever I hear the cascading opening licks of Pipeline or the fast-paced Misirlou, I am transported to the north shore and that's a happy place.

BTW: Here is an interview with Dick Dale on NPR's Fresh Air that I remember hearing one weekend on my way up to see my then-fiancee in King of Prussia, PA. Things I still remember from the interview:
  • Dick Dale really was a surfer and the sounds of the waves really influenced him.
  • When he plays in his inimitable machine-gun style, he melts picks, so he has a special pick holder that keeps his fingers from burning.
  • His playing style and thirst for volume used to blow up amps and speakers until Leo Fender built the Showman Amp for him.
Dick Dale: Misirlou

The Ventures: Wipe Out

The Chantays: Pipeline

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