Friday, October 10, 2008

Bonus Post: A Weekend with Girl Kid

Here is an email I sent to my colleagues at work. It's pretty self-explanatory:

From: Reston Kid
Subject: Friday and Monday with The Little Terror

My wife and son are heading to San Francisco to visit my sister-in-law and her family for the long weekend. That leaves me at home with Her Royal Highness Princess Girl Kid. I plan to be in the office for a couple hours on Friday morning and Monday morning, but it's also possible that HRHPGK will not go to preschool voluntarily, so I might end up at home from Friday morning through Monday evening with HRHPGK crying that she wants her mommy.
I don't care if you pray to Yaweh, G*d, Krishna, Darwin, or Joe Pesci. Just please pray for me.
-- rk
btw: If anybody wants to stop by in the mornings to do her hair, just let me know. Hair is not my thing.

When Mrs. and Boy Kid return, Girl Kid will be fed, reasonably clean, and (probably) healthy. On the other hand:
  • Her clothes will not match and might not even be put on correctly (does she really need all those darn buttons?)
  • Her hair will resemble a pad of steel wool that has been used one too many times to shine up the runners of a sled.
  • She will have eaten nothing but Five Guys hamburgers and Domino's pizza all weekend.
We'll get by, but I am way out of my depth.

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