Tuesday, October 14, 2008

My Weekend with Girl Kid

This past weekend turned out pretty well. It wasn't perfect, but Her Royal Highness Princess Girl Kid (HRHPGK) didn't spend the entire weekend crying for mommy.

Day 1 (Friday): My folks pick up Mrs. Kid and Boy Kid at 6:30 AM to take them to the airport. HRHPGK isn't happy about this, but she does OK for most of the morning. She cries when I drop her off at pre-school, but they don't have to call me to pick her up early. The afternoon and evening at home are fine and I actually get some work done. Day 1 is a qualified success. No big break-downs and her hair isn't too bad.

Day 2 (Saturday): Breakfast at Silver Diner, then to Home Depot to get supplies to fix my broken closet organizer, and finally to the Farmer's Market. Much of the day is spent working on the closet, playing dominoes with HRHPGK, and trying to install a couple dimmers. For dinner, I made garlic with spaghetti and some tomato sauce garnish (I need to tone down the garlic next time I make pasta and red sauce). Her hair is getting worse--it looks like the hair for an extra from a Mad Max movie.

Day 3 (Sunday): Morning run while pushing HRHPGK in a jog stroller. Errands are capped off with a trip to Lowe's to get the jacked up dimmer (three times the cost of a normal dimmer) we need for the dining room. Much of the day is spent finishing up dimmer installation, cleaning up after the closet insanity (clothes and hangers were strewn around Boy Kid's room), and watching some football. HRH paints some pictures and plays with Play-Do. Her hair looks like a muppet that put its finger in a light socket.

Day 4 (Monday): Bring HRHPGK to the office for the morning. She starts off mega-shy, but warms up pretty quickly. She draws and plays pretty quietly while I take care of work stuff. HRHPGK naps well, so the afternoon is productive. After a nice evening and an M&M Blizzard from DQ, I was feeling pretty good about the weekend. We had a good time together. She played alone sometimes and with me at others. I was able to get stuff done around the house, but also spent a fair amount of time playing with HRH. Anyone listening to me brush her hair in the morning would have thought I was removing her fingernails one by one. After all the sturm und drang, the hair still ended up looking like Sasquatch and Hair Bear had a baby.

In a fit of stupidity on Monday evening, I asked a question I should never have asked. After reading a book to her at bedtime, I said "I had a good time this weekend. What about you? Did you have fun this weekend?" If I were smart, I would have left the question unasked. Based on my perception of the weekend, I would have assumed her answer would be "I had a great time, Daddy." Instead, I had to ask and thus had to hear her answer: "No. I missed mommy too much." So much for my hopes of thawing her mommy attachment. It was a good weekend for daddy, but HRH is still mommy's girl.

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