Monday, June 8, 2009

Music Monday: Beatles Cover Bands

Who knew that Japanese Beatles cover band was a popular genre?
For a completely different take on the Beatles, check out the Fab Faux. I remember hearing this article on Morning Edition a while ago. The Fab Faux are great musicians who don't try to look like the Beatles. They focus on recreating the sound of the later albums. You know, the ones that are so incredibly produced that it would be impossible to re-create them live.

I'd love to see them in concert. The Beatles stopped touring, but if they had kept going and given it the effort that bands like Pink Floyd gave to their tours, it might have sounded a lot like this. These guys are amazing.
The Fab Faux's YouTube channel has some other videos, but if you do a search for "Fab Faux" on YouTube, you will find several others.

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