Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where the Deer Roam and...um...Number Two

Quick quiz: Where do deer go poo? If you said "in the woods, just like bears and the pope," then you gave the same answer I would have given just a few days ago. Though "outside" is quite accurate, a more precise answer would be "in Reston Kid's backyard."

We have been seeing lots of deer in our backyard recently. Mostly, we see a family of five. Every once in a while, we see a sole buck who has a growth hanging from its throat that looks like a pair of really red, irritated testicles the size of billiard balls. We love our deer (growth and all). Being close to nature is one of the big reasons we are in Reston, so seeing them so often makes us quite happy. Plus, we aren't gardeners, so we don't mind that they eat every plant in sight.

Given how often we have been seeing deer, I should have have known what was coming, but I'm kinda slow. When I mowed the yard this weekend, the backyard had deer feces everywhere. Seriously, every square foot had at least one pile. We have had deer in our backyard before, but I don't recall them leaving so many mementos.

I also don't recall seeing so many acorns in our yard, and yes, there seems to be a connection between the two things that litter my lawn so liberally. Deer love to eat acorns, so....

You get the idea. Sorry to go all scatological on you, but it was quite the experience, so I had to share.

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