Monday, May 3, 2010

Music Monday: A Couple Good, Crude Musical Women

Recently, I have been listening to a fair number of rocking women. Here are a couple that really caught my ear. They both make me smile.

Dahna Rowe: I'm Drunk, You're Ugly (audio at
This is rather crude, but makes me laugh every time I hear it. The country sound with the crude lyrics is a contrast that adds to the amusement for me. If you can't relate to the lyrics, then you were never a twenty-something single.

Lily Allen: Fuck You (video at YouTube)
I know I generally keep my posts clean, but this one has great lyrics. Give it a listen. I like the juxtaposition of her sweet voice with the directness and strength of the lyrics and the crudeness of the chorus. Lily Allen is like a younger, edgier, less mature version of Dido. I like them both, but would like to hear Lily do an acoustic album so her lyrics and sweet voice can stand out in even starker contrast.

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