Monday, May 24, 2010

Music Monday: I Love Me Some Bari Sax

Listening to someone rock out on a bari sax is really special. It's like watching Lindsey Vonn slalom on men's skis. It's not supposed to be possible, but it's this wonderful combination of finesse and power that is irresistible.

DJ Kool: Let Me Clear My Throat
That bari sax line is great. It gets stuck in my head and I can't get it out.

Menomena: Weird
I like these guys. They are especially good live: In Juan's Basement and in Paris (the dancing kids are the best part).

Charles Mingus: Moanin'
Ronnie Cuber brings it with the bari that opens this tune.

Stan Kenton's band (Greg Smith on bari): A Smith Named Greg
Skip to 2:15 for the good part. The beginning is lovely, but it's not until 2:15 that he starts kicking it.

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