Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ramble: Kyran Pittman (AKA Tip My Rank Tan)

Here is a recent IM exchange between me and Mrs. Kid:
Mrs. Kid: i found a new favorite blog passage-- i think you might be disguising yourself and changing genders around to fool people
Mrs. Kid: Rita Rudner said, “Whenever I date a man, I think, is this the man I want my children to spend weekends with?” I swear, there were days that the only thing holding me back was the thought that my pain-in-the-ass husband would be an even bigger pain-in-the-ass ex-husband. And I would have to have to put up with him, because of the children. As long as I was stuck with him anyhow, I might as well keep him close enough to take out the trash and help with bedtime.
me: lol
Mrs. Kid: right?!
me: who wrote that?
Mrs. Kid: kyran pittman
me: yeah, that's me. Kyran Pittman is an anagram for "Tip My Rank Tan" which was the name of the imaginary band i played in when i was a kid.
Check out Kyran Pittman's blog Notes To Self (which really is quite good). You can also check out the Internet Anagram Server for endless fun with words.

Oh, and for the record, I know that the only reason Mrs. Kid puts up with me is because she knows that if either of us leaves the other, then my Mother will find and shell out big money for a great lawyer to represent whichever one of us was wronged in her eyes.

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