Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ramble: Planning How to Spin My Next Loss

From a comment on the Language Log blog:
Reminds me of an apocryphal tale of an officer-enlisted football game where the enlisted men win. The next day, the command plan of the day reports: "Officers power through to a second place finish; enlisted men barely manage to come in next-to-last place."
Man, I need to use that line soon! Maybe next time Girl Kid is racing me somewhere.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Web Stuff Friday: War Golf Titles

Here are a couple interesting videos:
And here are some suggestions for Better Book Titles that can save everyone lots of time.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Music Monday: Kill Weather Raconteur Stripes

I like following musical trails. When I find an artist I like, I like to look for other artists with whom they have worked and keep on following the trail. Here is a sample trail:

The Kills (video: Cheap and Cheerful)
I shared a CD of various stuff with a (now former) colleague. Now that she has spare time, Sunshine finally listened to it. When she heard the Ting Tings, she thought they reminded her of The Kills.

Dead Weather (video: Treat Me Like Your Mother)
Alison Mosshart of The Kills is in Dead Weather.

The Raconteurs (video: Steady, As She Goes)
Jack White and Jack Lawrence of Dead Weather are also in the Raconteurs.

The White Stripes (video: Seven Nation Army)
Jack White is half of The White Stripes, which is a man/woman duo like The Kills.

Phew. Not sure how often I will be able to bring it around that like, but it's great when that works out.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Web Stuff Friday: First Cousin Once Removed

WolframAlpha rocks, but the coolest thing I have seen recently is alluded to in the WolframAlpha blog: My Cousin’s Cousin’s Niece’s Grandfather Said to Just Ask Wolfram|Alpha. Now, I know what to call the woman who is my uncle's granddaughter.

Bonus: Missing Cat by David Thorne is sublimely funny.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Music Monday: Dancing Grizzly Volta

This post started out almost a month ago, and I finally have a third entry. Sorry for the huge delays in posts, but life happens sometimes.

You! Me! Dancing! by Los Campesinos is being used in this Budweiser ad, but the original video is interesting (and, of course longer). I have had this tune in my head for days now, which means I watch too much football. Shazam on my Droid absolutely rocks. I love being able to identify every song I hear.

Grizzly Bear: I have spent most of the past days at work listening to Horn of Plenty and then Horn of Plenty - The Remixes. Wow. I love the remixes. The remixes album is a nice accompaniment to document reviews. Nice groove. Here is a link to the Remixes at

I checked in on my Google Reader for the first time in ages and saw Chris Hanaka's There Was Talk of Joy Division. Now I am kinda obsessed with Mars Volta. Here is a Mars Volta Mix at YouTube.