Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ramble: Autumn, Part I

Dew evaporates off the meadow grasses lazily. The resulting mist hangs low enough that the clear autumn sun is unhindered. A 4-point buck stands on the bank of the stream, striking a pose like he is auditioning to be the next model for the Hartford logo. Everyone I see nods in mutual appreciation of the serenity that is this perfect morning in the Glade Stream Valley.

The big, perfect dear watches me plodding along and seems to wonder how I can put out so much effort, yet move so slowly. My top speed when I "run" is more of an amble, but it's not about speed for me. It's about feeling healthy and connected. Activity helps me feel healthier, while mornings like this help with the connectedness.

While raking leaves in the backyard just before dinner, I pause for a moment to look up at the stately oaks towering over me. They still have most of their leaves, so I will get to live this day again in a few weeks. Most excellent.

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