Monday, November 19, 2007

A New Week, A New Renovation Album

So, when the stillness of a beautiful Fall morning in Reston was shattered by the hammer, circular saw, and drill, I knew the renovation week had started.

Last week was awesome. Stuff got torn up, and few things are as fun to watch as controlled devastation. This week has started off more subtly. Today, they did a bunch of work on wiring and got the pantry framed in. The bigger event was that Habitat for Humanity showed up and hauled away the old cabinets and the old freezer. It was really great to see that stuff go away and at the same time help someone out. Our new cabinets will begin showing up in the garage this week.

The inspector comes tomorrow to make sure we are up to code. As long as all goes well, drywall work will begin tomorrow right after the inspection. We need to pick out a slab of granite (maybe tomorrow) and make the call on flooring.

My brother and his wife and daughter will be with us this week. Entertaining in the construction zone and makeshift kitchen should be fun. It will be good to see the Brooklyn, Chicago, New Haven, and Cambridge crowds.

Note: I have decided to keep a separate album for each week of the renovation, so this (the second) week's pics are here in the Kitchen Reno Week 2 album. Once the renovation is finished, I will combine them into one trimmed down album, but for now I will upload a bunch of photos each day.

The Day:
  • Workout: dumbells, crunches, dips
  • Music: The Beatles, Brian Eno, Saint-Saens, Miles Davis

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