Sunday, December 9, 2007

Living Vicariously

When I was working at my first job after grad school, I led a life that was not particularly wild, but I was single and energetic. As a result, when I came in to work on Monday after a weekend of water skiing, volleyball, soccer, and the occasional nightclub, my coworkers with kids seemed to relish my telling the story of the weekend. These stories were rarely wild, but they seemed to do the trick.

Now that I am married with kids, I look forward to fun weekend stories from my single and/or wilder friends. Vicarious living is a long tradition. It's like the circle of life and I have gone from being a young lion cub to being an old adult watching the action from the sidelines. Some folks abhor this transition, but I'm fine with it. Family life has many rewards and I am quite happy to watch the energetic have their fun.

I'm watching football while typing this, and it occurs to me that my situation must be a bit like a former player watching a game. He liked playing the game and it certainly still looks exciting, but all he has to do is watch a player get hit really hard and he knows those days are behind him. My wild, single days are behind me, but I still like to hear the stories.

Speaking of wild single friends: A friend of mine was setup for a date by a couple sisters who work together as entertainers. Was he setup with a friend of theirs? A coworker? An old friend? No, they set him up with their mother. The idea of a friend of mine leaving poker night after midnight for a blind date with the mom of a pair of entertainers was pretty funny. How it turned out is immaterial (I think the date was a bust), but the fact that he was in the position is really amusing.

The story is great single guy stuff, but I'm glad it was he and not I.

The Renovation
This weekend has been all about unpacking boxes. My mother came over for an hour or two both days to help with the unpacking, so we are in pretty good shape.

Tomorrow: flooring

The Day
  • Workout: my knee has been bothering me, so i took the weekend off
  • Music: miscellaneous xmas

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