Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Pile of Wood and Color Blindness

Pete and Stinky (more on the latter's nickname some other time) came over today and helped rip up the old hardwood floors. We now have a mountain of wood and nails in our living room and a similar one in the dining room.

The Wife has found someone who will come by tomorrow and haul away the piles. Once that is done, we can clean up and be another step closer to being ready. This week should see the last cabinets installed, as well as the sink, appliances, and the granite. Basically, we should have a pretty functional kitchen at the end of this week and will just have little stuff and the floors left for the following week. We can hope the plan comes together.

On a different topic: I have crazy people all around me. Family, friends, and co-workers all provide a rich supply of situations, quotes, stories, etc. that could fill this blog quite often. Though this sort of thing would be quite amusing, I am not comfortable telling these stories in such a public forum. You won't read about the wacky divorces, the crazy kids, or my dysfunctional company on these pages. You never know who will read this. If you know me, then you know you have probably done, said, heard, or seen something you'd rather not read here. Don't worry. You won't. The only stories I will put here are ones I don't mind the subject reading before coming to my house for chili.

On the other hand, strangers are fair game:

The Boy has an ear infection. He was really pathetic on Saturday as he just curled up and fell asleep in a tiny waiting room chair at Pediatrics@night. The Wife and I both knew he had an ear infection, but needed to get a doctor to prescribe the drugs that would make it all better. Anyway, The four of us went to the office and I accompanied TB into the examining room with the doctor. After the physical check, the doctor was entering data into his computer. He seemed like a nice, normal suburban guy. Nothing unusual about him. As TB napped with his head on my lap, the doctor asked me "What do you do? Are you a basketball player?"

Pete and Stinky: You two can stop laughing now. Anyone who has seen me actually play basketball knows that I stink. I am better at snow- and water-skiing than I am at basketball. Heck, I'm probably better at badminton, water polo, and perhaps ice hockey than I am at basketball. I stink. Why would he ask me this question, even in jest (as it certainly was?)

Later, he made the comment that his son wants to be a football or basketball player, but sadly, "He doesn't have a chance. I'm a geek. I mean, if he had some black in him, he'd have a chance, but no."

Why do I mention this? Many people I know insist that race is no longer an issue and that it's all about socio-economic class. They often say that they are color-blind. My point is that few people are truly color-blind and those who aren't are not just rednecks or old folks or in any other pigeon hole you'd like to put them in. Obviously there is nothing malicious about the doctor's comments, but what else is in there? I'm clearly athletically gifted as a result of my race (again, Pete and Stinky can stop laughing any time now), but does my race also make me less intelligent or more lazy?

Race is still an issue. I tend to fall on the Bill Cosby or Jason Whitlock side of these issues rather than Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton's side, but the issue is still relevant. Now to go wake up TB so we can practice our jump shots. We both have an image to live up to.

The Day
  • Workout: long (about 5 mile) run
  • Music: Beastie Boys

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