Thursday, December 20, 2007

Wine, Food, Friends, and More Wine

Someone reminded me about a funny experience I had a while ago, so I will re-tell this old story.

A friend from work (Alex) has been somewhat obsessed with getting on a reality show. She has applied for a few including one where they fix up your garage. While she was in the thick of this, she was contacted to be on a show called Wine, Food, and Friends. Alex had just started up a cooking club and they wanted to feature one on this episode. The problem was that the club had yet to meet, so Alex had to scramble to put together a crew. Another challenge was that the filming would be during the workday, so only a couple women from Alex's club could make it. Since she was desperate for a couple warm bodies, Alex asked me and The Wife to come join them.

The filming went from about 10:00 to about 3:30 or so and we drank wine just about the whole time. It was great. It was interesting seeing how this psycho host (she was quite the character who could turn on the charm for the cameras, but could be pretty snippy with the crew) ran the show. She guided us as we cooked food and tasted wine so we learned quite a bit. Frankly, I am not a particularly sophisticated guy and I was not alone. Alex's husband (Barney) was right there with me. As a matter of fact, when it was time for us to eat "dinner" (which was at about 2:00), Barney wolfed his down before they had a chance to film him savoring it. It was great. He and I had a fun time eating and drinking on the periphery as the ladies really got into the whole thing.

One tricky part was that TW was about four months pregnant, so she had to take fake sips and hide her small but showing belly.

Here is a link to the web page about the episode. The page includes a link to a video trailer.

The net result was that Alex had her reality show jones satisfied for a while (though now she is applying for the Amazing Race) and TW and I got some free food and wine. It was a good, boozy time.

The Day
  • Workout: none (yes, I know, but my foot bothered me today and the morning was a bit crazy)
  • Music: Handel

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