Friday, January 25, 2008

Freaks Everywhere

A friend of mine was in town from Germany, so we had an extra "Craps" Night last night.

I'm a really boring guy. I work a normal job making normal money. I spend just about all of my time either with my family (usually at home) or working. I drive an 11-year old Nissan and live in a tiny rambler in a nondescript American suburb. I don't really know any celebrities to speak of, though I am just a few degrees of separation from a few (none of whom I have met.)

At "Craps" Night, I get a glimpse of some different worlds.

My friend who lives in Germany is about to start working at a company where he will be on the company's board and run their sales organization. He hasn't worked for over half a year since he was given a massive (over a year's worth) severance from his old company. This severance was the culmination of amazing drama that involved heart attacks, mass firings, and a bunch of lawyers.

Another friend of mine is what I like to call a hustler. He really knows how to make money. He's a very successful entrepreneur (mostly real estate stuff right now) and seems to drive a beautiful new car every few weeks. The amazing thing about him is that he has amazing connections, but he has opened my eyes about being connected. Many people imagine that you get connections because you were born to the right family or went to the right school or some other element of chance. This guy makes connections because he is someone who makes connections. Nothing has been handed to him. His parents aren't particularly connected. He didn't go to any Ivy League schools. He hustles and I really admire him for it. I sometimes wish I had his skills with making money and connections, but that's not who I am. I am a homebody who works a lower-risk, lower-income job, but I appreciate the high drama and fun stories he brings to any get-together.

What did I learn last night?
  1. Just about every famous person is a freak. I learned about a bunch of pro athletes and movie stars who sleep with dozens of women every week. Even the guys who are married are sleeping with everything with two legs.
  2. Lots of celebrities and athletes are gay, but don't admit it. Even many of the celebs who are married are gay.
  3. Even attractive, intelligent, ivy league-educated doctors and lawyers can be total freaks.
  4. A very famous boxer got paid tens of millions under the table by an equally famous boxing promoter. The boxer is scary, but still claims to have ten new women lined up to sleep with him every day. He has also been investigated for rape at least 20 times in the last 3 years.
The stories that these connected guys were telling were amazingly prurient. Lots of celebrities. Lots of smut. Lots of shocking allegations (e.g., "he pretends to have girlfriends, but he's gay" or "he screws every woman who comes to his house for a party"). I don't take all of these allegations as gospel, but it's fun to believe them until they are disproven.

My glimpse into this other world is really fun. It doesn't change how I live, but it's like a really amazing interactive version of the greatest gossip magazine ever.

Compared to these guys, my life is so ordinary, but now I get to watch TV and say "what a freak/sleaze/jerk/hypocrite" whenever I see someone who stars in one of my friends' stories.

The Day
  • Workout: none (cleaners came early this morning. it's a weak excuse, but all i have)
  • Music: The Police, The Pretenders

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