Sunday, January 6, 2008

Friends Are So Cool

I had a really brutal week at work last week. Two stories from work will describe how crappy it was.

First, a former Project Manager of mine who is not known for being particularly touchy-feely was passing by as I was getting some seltzer from a vending machine. She literally stopped and just gave me a hug from the side. Anyone who knows her and hears this is a bit amazed. She can be a bit brusque at times, but she came through for me when I could use some recognition of the crap I was going through.

Second, a really cool friend/co-worker sent me an email:

Something traveling in the wind tells me that you could use some good music to cleanse your mind...

The music helped (Yoav is pretty cool), but the thought helped even more. Having people who care when you are having a tough time is great. Having caring people who know how to help you is absolutely incredible.

The Day
  • Workout: short run
  • Music: Yoav, Squeeze

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