Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Name Is RestonKid and I'm an Addict

That's right. I'm addicted. It's early in the addiction, so it hasn't yet caused me real problems...yet. I still have my job, my kids, my wife. I've noticed that my physical fitness is starting to slip, and my diet is going downhill, but it hasn't gotten really bad yet. Down the line, I might look back on these days fondly. The days before my addiction wrecked every aspect of my life. I am almost looking forward to my flight out to rehab in California at the end of my episode of Intervention. The recovery process won't be pretty, but ultimately I will be healthier.

I am addicted to... My Queue. That's right, Netflix has me in its grasp and if addiction to my Netflix Queue is wrong, I don't want to be right. Every time I go to Netflix, I am presented with recommendations. I keep on rating movies so Netflix can improve recommendations. The ultimate goal is for every recommendation that Netflix serves up to me to be perfect. No duds. This is clearly unreachable, but my pursuit still drives me to visit the site at every opportunity. The problem is that Netflix's catalog is deep and goes way back. We're not just talking about all the movies I've seen in the last decade (which is a really small number), but pretty much every movie I have ever seen. So much to rate. So little time.

As the Netflix recommendations improve, I keep adding to my queue and that provides an entirely different challenge: sorting the queue. It's like being a DJ. Choosing the movies is not so tough. Figuring out the right order is really tough. Should Hotel Rwanda come before or after The Bellboy? These are the choices that test me every day.

Anyway, I wish I could say that I need to get back to work or to my family, but the truth is that I just realized that I haven't entered ratings for Repo Man, Yellow Submarine, or The Sound of Music.

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