Friday, February 29, 2008

Web Stuff Friday: No Garfield, but Sixteen Games

Garfield Minus Garfield is one of the greatest things I have seen in ages. It is simply brilliant. Some of the comics work better than others, but as a whole, the effect is FAR better without the cat. I actually hate the Garfield comic. It is a sign of deep emotional issues that I have not been able to stop reading it. Comic reading habits die hard for me. It took me a while to kick Family Circus and Spider Man out of my comic life, but Garfield has just stuck around. Now, I will read every Garfield strip that has Jon in it as I imagine what each strip would look like without the cat.

grid16 is the ultimate ADHD game for a generation much younger than I. I really just started trying it, but the gist of the game is that you are given 16 games to play, but you only play each for a few seconds before moving on to another game. Once you fail at a game, it goes away from your grid. Essentially, you want to keep as many grids as you can alive for as long as possible. It's quite interesting.

Note: I had a post for today all written about some music I wanted to share, but then a friend sent me a link to this Garfield Minus Garfield site. This has led me to realize that it is time to set up another special weekly blogging day. We already have Web Stuff Friday. The next post will be the inaugural Music Monday.

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