Monday, April 7, 2008

My Life in Music: Grad School

It's been a long time since my earlier My Life in Music posts. I started with Undergrad, Take 1, then went on to Undergrad, Take 2. Now for grad school.

Grad School went from the end of 1986 to May of 1988. These are the albums that defined that time for me:

The Pretty in Pink soundtrack helps define some of the music we listened to at the college radio station where I was the Program Director at the beginning of grad school. WGMU (motto: The Only Station That Matters) was lots of fun. We had an incredibly small audience, but had a really great time.

New Order's Substance is the music that I think of when I think of the (now defunct) Tracks nightclub in southeast DC. I will have to create an entry on Tracks sometime. It was a truly incredible place.

Fishbone's eponymous EP was a fun sing along album. Tunes like Party at Ground Zero and U.G.L.Y were fun, but when girls were causing us grief, we liked to yell along with Lyin' Ass Bitch.

Beelzebubba (by The Dead Milkmen), Aliens Ate My Buick (by Thomas Dolby), and Album (by Public Image Limited) were just really fun albums I listened to many, many times. Tracks like Bleach Boys, My Brain Is Like a Sieve, and Rise were common accompaniments to my studies.

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