Monday, April 28, 2008

Music Monday: Caravan

Most people are fans of particular groups or of particular genres. I, too have my favorites in these areas, but I also have a favorite song. Not a favorite version of a song, but a song for which I seek out various artists' interpretations. I have bought a few albums simply because the artist does this song.

My favorite song is Caravan, which was composed by Juan Tizol and Duke Ellington. Here is a sampling of Caravan renditions:

Wynton Marsalis (jazz quartet):

11 String Duo (two guitars):

Michel Petrucciani (Solo piano):

And finally, if this version by The Bryan Setzer Orchestra doesn't get you moving, you just might be dead:

It's a real testament to the song that it works so well in so many different modes. The first version I remember is by Wes Montgomery, but I didn't know he was the artist, so when I went looking for it years later, I found various versions of my favorite jazz standard.

Other versions of note:
Love that tune!

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