Monday, April 14, 2008

Music Monday: Unexpected Beastie Boys

I really like The Beastie Boys. They have done some really interesting music, but more importantly, they have put together some great albums. One I particularly like is Ill Communication. Its mix of rap, rock, and really cool groovy music makes it a really great musical journey.

Here are three of the more mellow songs from the album. This is not the same Beastie Boys you remember from You've Got to Fight For Your Right (To Party).

Sabrosa (sounds like an early-seventies movie soundtrack)

Ricky's Theme (nice little mellow groove about hanging out with friends in the summertime)

My favorite groove from the album: Shambala


Music Has Driven Me Mad said...

Hi Reston Kid - is there a College Radio station I could send my CD to in Reston?

reston kid said...

nope. the closest is probably WGMU in Fairfax.