Wednesday, April 23, 2008

My Best-of-Craigslist Favorites, Volume 1

Best-of-craigslist is really great stuff. I check in with it periodically, and am rarely disappointed.
Note that several best-of entries are really, really raunchy. As long as you have a high raunch threshold, you should be OK. None of the links above are particularly raunchy (except for parts of the last one), but if you start looking at other entries, get ready for some nasty stuff.

best-of-craigslist provides me with a window into other places/views/lives that is really enjoyable. It's not always funny, but it's usually interesting. As a child of the suburbs, I need all the help broadening my horizons that I can get.

Soundtrack: Matisyahu (Live at Stubbs), Various Artists (Just Say Da)

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