Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blogs That Turn Up Like a Bad Penny

I'm not sure what happened, but some old attempts at blogging just appeared in my blogging dashboard. Here is a post i wrote in 2003:
Cannot find Weapons of Mass Destruction
this page is kinda funny. you have to read carefully. it looks you are getting a 404 error or something, but you aren't.
So quaint. That old blog (that just reappeared) had a total of about four entries. Here is another:
spamex is quite a cool service. with it, i setup various e-mail addresses that i give to anyone who needs one. once i start getting spam on an address, i can turn it off. to tell the truth, i think the spammers avoid sending to addresses because they know what will happen. i have had my spamex account for a year and have never received any spam on that account.

i know this was just basically a plug, but i think everyone needs to do something about spam. the marketers aren't going to change (and it's their right to send stuff), so the two ways to combat them are to insulate yourself and to report spammers (more on that when i want to blog spamcop). insulating is really effective. i'm a big fan.
Five years later, I still use Spamex. My rule is that if I can't shake your hand, you do not get my real email address. All companies and organizations get a spamex address from me. If I start getting spam on one of those accounts, I can just turn off the address.

Anyway, These failed attempts at getting going are why I am so pleased that I have been actually sticking with it this time. Now to delete those failed attempts.

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