Monday, June 2, 2008

Music Monday: When TV Themes Were Great

Back in the day, TV theme songs were really good. Composers wrote songs that really were memorable and really could swing. If you listen to these old theme songs and then listen to just about any modern theme song, you will hear what I mean. The list is long and illustrious and worthy of several volumes.

Peter Gunn: The Art of Noise had some fun with this back in the '80's, but the original is fabulous.

Jetsons: It's just a silly cartoon, but the theme had some kickin' horns.

Hawaii Five-O: My sister was a cheerleader for Herndon High School and I remember them playing two songs: This one and the Budweiser song (a volume on memorable commercial songs has to follow). Listening to this will always remind me of watching Herndon Hornet games with her.


jblocksom said...

There's a great version of the Hawaii Five-O theme by the Blue Hawaiians, it was used in the movie the Tao of Steve. Great move, great soundtrack.

The Peter Gunn theme always makes me think of the video game Spy Hunter, which is probably the first place I heard it.

jblocksom said...

Er, great movie, not great move.