Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Discussing Racial Issues

The Onion really lives up to its tagline as America's Finest News Source. Ed Bryerley's article entitled American Needs To Have A Superficial Conversation About Race really struck home.

As the major political parties hold their national conventions over the next couple weeks, this sort of article can help us keep things in perspective. I'd like a similar call to superficiality with regard to discussing the economy, energy, and education. Politicians are adept at simplifying these complex issues ad absurdum, but this doesn't make their pithy statements of the nature of the issues or their proposed simplistic solutions valid.

The tough issues facing us are complicated and don't lend themselves to easy, quick solutions. We won't cure the economy with tax rebates. We won't solve our energy problems by pumping more domestic oil. We won't fix our educational system by doubling what we pay teachers or putting a computer in every child's hands. We won't end racism by singing Kumbaya. Big problems require big solutions.

Here's another fun one from The Onion: Portrayal Of Obama As Elitist Hailed As Step Forward For African Americans. BTW: the professor they interview looks like Dick Gregory. Speaking of which:

Dick Gregory is kinda crazy, but I like some of his stuff. He's a great part of the discussion. A bit off on one extreme, but that's ok.

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