Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Not Get Conned

I really like a blog called Wide Lawns and Narrow Minds. The woman who writes it is a great writer and has such an interesting life.

A recent post really struck me. It's titled Red Flags - Part 1 and it's about figuring out how to not get conned in relationships or business. Here is one quote that got me:
I know a girl who is constantly abused by men in some way. She has been date raped twice and in both cases she was drinking heavily. In one of the cases she was even drugged, which is a whole new level of awful. Still though, in some way, it was her fault because she put herself in a situation where she was impaired, could not think or act optimally and could not defend herself. Had she not been drinking she would have been a much more difficult target.
Amen, sister. Don't get either of us wrong: Guys who take advantage of drunk women are scum. They are weak little "men" who deserve to serve time. But the women who put themselves in these positions are not wise, and any woman who does it more than once is very stupid. This goes for guys, too. If you make bad decisions when you are drunk, then you have to figure out how to stop drinking.

I'm looking forward to Part 2. Wide Lawns' perspective and writing style are top notch.

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