Monday, August 11, 2008

Music Monday: Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes passed away this weekend. In recent years, he was known as "Chef" from South Park and as a member of the Church of Scientology, but back in the day he was The Man. He wrote songs, played piano, and of course there was The Voice. Every black man who lived through the 70's wishes he had Isaac's voice. He was the embodiment of smooth.

He did much more than The Theme from Shaft, but this song is iconic and is one of my favorite movie songs of all time. The wah-wah guitar, the great high hat, the horns, and the incredibly quotable lyrics make this one of the great movie title songs of all time.

The original: Shaft. That was one bad mother.

Shaft II. This is a longer version of the original. When a song has a great groove (and Shaft is one of the greatest grooves of all time), I never want the song to end. Extended versions are right up my alley, so I can really dig this version (get it?) It's a bit disco-y, but that's ok by me.

And here is another post of the Yukulele Orchestra of Great Britain's take on Shaft:

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