Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Travels with John

A friend of mine (really the husband of a former colleague, but I consider them both friends as well) is blogging as he rides through the southwest on a motorcycle. I may not be much, but I'm all I think about is good stuff.

Like many men, I dream of taking a trip like John's. Cruising the scenic southwest through tiny towns that dropped off the technology train around the time of eight-track tapes. Beautiful scenery with huge vistas reminiscent of No Country for Old Men or a John Wayne western. Great food in simple places that Tim and Nina Zagat have never heard of.

Maybe I'll try it when Boy Kid is turning 13 or some similarly auspicious event. It would be a fun bonding event. We'd take tons of pictures and blog from the road as we cruise around on motorcycles (yeah, right...no way Mrs. Kid is letting that fly) or in a Jeep. I'd have to plan the trip. Destinations, roads, sites, and places to sleep and eat are all important, but the real key is to hand-pick a bunch of playlists for the iPod. Having the right soundtrack for each part of the trip is crucial.

Anyway, John is my hero. Check out the story of his trip.

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Mrs. Kid said...

You're right-- Jeep yes, motorcycle NO