Monday, September 15, 2008

Music Monday: Boy Kid's Favorite Music

Job One for any father is to keep his kids healthy and safe. After that most important duty, priorities can differ, but I really try to help my kids:
  • Be good people who are caring and considerate of others.
  • Be good students who love to learn.
  • Have decent taste in music.
This last one is not high on every father's list, but it's high on mine. Music matters to me and I want to make sure my kids have some hope of developing decent taste in music at some point in their lives. I'm sure they will each go through phases when I hate their music, but the hope is that getting them going in the right direction will eventually pay off.

Here are some of Boy Kid's favorite songs. At one time or another, he has asked to listen to these songs or asked to stay in the car so he could finish listening to them.

Talking Heads: Thank You for Sending Me an Angel
As far as Boy Kid is concerned, "Talking Heads" means the Stop Making Sense album starting with track 3.

The Bad Plus: Smells Like Teen Spirit
This has been known as "The Funny Song" ever since I used to play it on the way to dropping Boy Kid off at nursery school.

The Polyphonic Spree: Light and Day/Reach for the Sun

I'm sure it will all be downhill from here, but for now, Boy Kid likes music that I can stand. Listening to The Bad Plus or The Talking Heads over and over is way better for my sanity than being subjected to anything Disney is kicking out for kids.

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