Tuesday, September 16, 2008

No More Maim and Release

OK, so maybe the Swiss have gone a bit far, but I like some of their ideas. All Swiss animals are equal - but some more so than others describes a new Swiss law that describes how wild and domestic animals are to be treated. I am not a fan of legislating morality, but I like the idea of getting some of these concepts out there in the public discourse.

I have never been comfortable with catch and release fishing (which I call maim and release.) It's hard for me to believe that getting a hook through their cheek and getting pulled out of the water is fun or healthy for them. Hunting and fishing for sustenance are both totally cool by me. Anyone who eats what he kills is OK by me (as long as it was an honorable, legal kill that inflicted as little stress as reasonable), but killing or wounding for fun or a trophy seems sick.

The folks at PETA might go a bit far at times, but they make some points that make sense. We are higher up on the food chain, but that means we should be more civilized in the way we treat other animals.

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