Friday, September 26, 2008

Web Stuff Friday: MixTube and Cosmic Variance

MixTube is a cool site. You can create an audio mix of clips from YouTube. Here is a mixtape of The Beatles. Here is one I made based on videos blogged at CosmicVariance: John Coltrane tribute.

CosmicVariance is quite exemplary. The topics seem to cover pretty considerable ground (like this blog), but the folks who write it are really, really smart (unlike this blog's author.)

This is just plain nutty: PETA wrote a letter to Ben & Jerry's urging them to ... well ... read for yourself.

Something Awful
brings us How Is Babby Formed? Blogger Shamus Young wrote an interesting post about this. BTW: The greatest thing about Shamus' blog is the ability to change the color scheme from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil or True Neutral. D&D references like that give me a little touch of nostalgia.

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