Friday, September 5, 2008

Web Stuff Friday: Ubiquity, Office War, 24h a NYC

Ubiquity is Mozilla's natural language internet project. What does that mean? It means that they are trying to come up with a way of making the Web work with sentences as we think of them. I think of this as similar to a high-end universal remote for a home theater system for which you hit a single button to watch a DVD and the remote turns on the right devices and sets each to the proper settings to you can do what you want. Similarly, Ubiquity should let you type a command like "Send this to Mom" and the browser would do the copy and pasting and emailing for you. It's an interesting way of rethinking how the technology can work.

The Great Office War is funny.

Here is a movie by a man who took a short business trip to New York City. He took the photos with his iPhone and narrates the resulting sequence of images in French with English subtitles. It's really a nice piece.

[A 24 Hour Trip to New York] from M. Ward on Vimeo.

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