Tuesday, January 20, 2009

An Auspicious Beginning

Some random thoughts about today's ceremony:
  • Of course, things started on CPT. It looks like six minutes late is the new standard. Maybe I should be six minutes late for the next four or eight years. I'll call it "being presidential."
  • Religion and government should be separate. The benediction wasn't as bad as the convocation, but I'd rather not have any religion in the ceremony.
  • Aretha Franklin, Yo-Yo Ma, and Itzhak Perlman were all getting it done. The musical interludes were brief but lovely additions to the day.
  • Obama's speech was great. Brief but inspiring.
  • Some day, Boy Kid will be able to go as President Obama to a costume party. My mutt playing a presidential mutt. Truly amazing.
Now the real work begins.

1 comment:

Chris said...

I am very much looking forward to our first Atheistic-American president.