Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Facebook Connections

I like Facebook. I'm not the kind of person who is going to post regular updates (and I don't do Twitter), but I do like connecting with people from long ago. Recently I have been connecting with people I went to school with as long ago as second grade. It's cool.

Today, I made some interesting connections through Facebook, but the most unique individual is someone I'll call Boulder. Now, don't get me wrong: everyone is special and unique, but Boulder is particularly unique. To give you an idea about how unique he is, I asked Mrs. Kid to guess who I had found on Facebook and when I quoted what the person said on my wall, she got it with one guess after hearing only the first nine words of the quote. She has met the man exactly once and that was at our wedding over 14 years ago. Here is the quote:
I have a poverty level existence and 2 girlfriends. They both know about each other and it's all poly friendly. I'm a big fan of Burning Man.
Priceless. I miss Boulder and wish he lived here in VA instead of out in CO. Knowing him made life so much more interesting.

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