Friday, February 6, 2009

Web Stuff Friday: Best-of-Craigslist Favorites, Volume 5

Here is another installment of some Craigslist postings I found amusing. I post these so you don't have to wade through all the obscene, sexually explicit, or otherwise tasteless postings to look for the good, clean stuff. Note: some of the funniest posts at CL are obscene, sexually exlicit, or otherwise tasteless, so if you want to find that stuff, go looking at Best-of-Craigslist for yourself.
Note: this only gets me caught up through December of last year. Next up: January.


Anonymous said...

Love the vaccuum cleaner one! Do you use CraigZoom to search these out?

reston kid said...

I didn't use CraigZoom, but will check it out (thanks for the suggestion).

I used Google Reader to subscribe to the Best-of-CraigsList RSS feed, which updates about once a month or so. When it updates, I go through the posts. The toughest part is finding the ones that are funny (or otherwise interesting to me) and clean.