Monday, March 30, 2009

Music Monday: Interesting Music from The Headmaster

The Headmaster (previously called C-Dog) is a friend from high school, undergrad (take 2), and grad school. Over the years, we were friends, housemates, and co-workers at AM560 WGMU. He was the Music Director with great knowledge of (and taste in) music. I was a clueless Program Director, but was lucky to learn from The Headmaster. Over the years, we spent lots of time listening to music together.

Joy Division/New Order
Albums: Substance (video: Love Will Tear Us Apart)/Low-Life (video: Face Up)
This band (recall that New Order is Joy Division renamed after Ian Curtis' suicide) resonated with us angst-ridden college kids of the '80's. Love Will Tear Us Apart was a great single, but the album Low-Life really got me hooked. When I was in school, I got into the drama that was Perfect Kiss, but now I love side 2. No single song is remarkable, but the entire side still works for me.

Joe Jackson
Album: Jumpin' Jive (video: Jumpin' Jive)
Jumpin' Jive was a fun album. I borrowed The Headmaster's copy for long periods. Any time I want some music to pick me up, Jumpin' Jive can do the job.

Talking Heads
Album: Stop Making Sense (video: Heaven)
The Headmaster and I saw Stop Making Sense at least twice in a theater. He also had a VHS tape of it that he knew so well he could hit Fast-forward for a while, and then when he hit Play again, he could sing along immediately. Stop Making Sense is Boy Kid's favorite album and that's a good thing.

Others: Psychedelic Furs, Violent Femmes, Lou Reed, Adrian Belew, Elvis Costello

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