Monday, April 6, 2009

Music Monday: Music from B-Sizzle, Part 2

B-Sizzle keeps on putting new music in his shared iTunes library, so I keep getting new musical addictions every week.

Vampire Weekend
Videos: A-Punk and Oxford Comma
Fun music. These guys were the darlings of SXSW in 2008 and I can hear why.

Fleet Foxes
Videos: White Winter Hymnal and Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
Sweet stuff. Kinda mellow. This is also on Bobby's list of recent favorites.

Videos: Atlas, Tonto, and Tras
The energy is compelling and the videos work (they make me wish MTV still played music videos). I need to buy the album (Mirrors) so I can get it on my iTunes and iPod. I'm pretty sure I could trim some time off my 5k time if i put together a playlist that includes Tonto and Atlas.

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