Wednesday, May 27, 2009

And You Thought I Quit...

This Spring has been heck.

I haven't spilled personal issues out in this forum too often, and I don't plan to turn the blog into a diary now. Here is the quick version of the story of my Spring so far.

Over the past month and a half or so, I have:
  • Won an uncontested election for a community organization.
  • Gone to Orlando (including my first ever trip to Disney) with the rest of the Kid Family.
  • Finished a big project at work.
  • Taken Girl Kid to the hospital when we discovered her severe allergy to cashews.
  • Helped Mrs. Kid deal with her father's massive stroke and other health issues.
More recently, I am:
  • Working with my brother on an iPhone app.
  • Dealing with the resignation of my company's CLO (who was responsible for me having my current job).
  • Re-importing all my CDs into iTunes (and thus re-discovering some of my music).
Anyway, I have been too tired and too sick of words and my computer to give the blog any attention. Now that I am past some of the drama in my life, I hope to stick with the writing for a while. We'll see. As usual, I have posts in various states of readiness waiting for me to finish them up. Now to start digging them out and try to keep the momentum going.


Rob Fay said...

Wow, Bror resigned? Tell me more.

Chris said...

Good to have you back.

Also: more on the resignation, please. :)


reston kid said...

I had a feeling that would draw some interest.

He left rather abruptly on Friday (the email went out at 5:15 pm saying that his last day had just ended), so the departure was rather jarring. He is going to be the first-ever CLO at Kaplan.

I should post about him. He certainly is worthy of such effort.