Monday, June 15, 2009

Music Monday: The Pretenders

I was watching The Pretenders in concert at Cornbury Festival on HDNet this evening. It's a decent concert. No energy from the crowd, but the Pretenders are remarkably clean in concert. They never depended on slick production and have managed to keep their skills sharp. They really did a nice job.

Pretenders Cornbury Videos has links to each song in the concert.

Towards the end, they started playing Mystery Achievement, which has one of my favorite bass lines. When I looked up from my work to watch them perform, I saw that Chrissie has Michelle Obama arms! She is so buff! Chrissie is old enough to be a grandmother (she has daughters who are 26 and 24), but she is in absolutely amazing shape.

Anyway, the concert is worth listening to and watching. The Pretenders' energy and skill make up for the slothful British crowd.

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