Monday, August 17, 2009

Music Monday: Thoughts on Great Jazz Albums

Amazon's list of 100 greatest jazz albums of all time inspired others to try their hand at listing their 50 favorites (ranking 100 would be a daunting task). As you might expect, each list is drastically different.
Why do I find these lists interesting? First, there is no one right list. Second, I learn something new every time I look at a best jazz albums list. I always find several entries that fall into one of these categories:
  • an artist I have never heard of
  • an artist I have heard of, but not heard
  • an album I didn't know existed by an artist I love
  • an album I own, but don't listen to much
As I look through these lists, my strategy is to find a list that has a top ten that looks great, then start digging into the rest of the list. My jazz collection is pretty weak, so this could point me in some good directions as I look to broaden my jazz horizons.

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