Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Funny Combine Clip: Rich Eisen's 40

I watch the NFL Combine. I know it's stupid, but I like it anyway. Here is the funniest sports clip I have seen in ages.

Rich Eisen runs the 40-yard dash at every combine. When you watch this video, it starts off slow, but once he runs the 40, the fun really starts. Watching him "race against" the future NFL players is the best part.

Why do I find this so funny? Probably because Rich is just a few years younger than I and seeing this normal (but remarkably fit) guy get crushed by such sublime athletes invokes great empathy. There is no way I could run a 40 in under about 8 seconds, but I find the videos of him "racing" the athletes quite amusing. Wearing a suit is a really good touch. If he were in Under Armor performance clothes, it would be kinda pathetic. Instead, with him in a suit and tie, it is hilarious (and impressive).

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